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" If you want to pass the owner/builder exam, take the Owner/builder Training course. More importantly, if you want to learn about the process of building your own home from planning to occupancy, then definitely take this course. Both Warren and Les are great instructors and bring a wealth of knowledge. Rather than the exam being mandatory, I think they should make this course mandatory. It really is that good! "
British Columbia

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We've Helped Over 2900+ Students Pass The BC Housing Owner Builder Authorization Exam

Proven material and learning strategies from the experts,
Warren Jones and Les Shuert. Each have over 43 years of housing industry experience as custom home builders, trainers, facilitators and an authors.

Set Your Building Plans In Motion
Our Expert Training Program is Now Online

Learn how to Apply for, study, and pass the Owner Builder Authorization Exam from BC Housing is the first step to enjoying your new owner builder home.

Warren Jones — Founder & CEO.

The “Owner Builder Authorization” course was developed and initiated because we found those who wished to write the compulsory BC Housing exam had nowhere to obtain professional instruction and information that would assist them in passing the exam and bring them one step closer to their dream – to build their own home.

Owner Builder Training Ltd. is a group of dedicated highly skilled professionals with a combined 200 years’ experience in the construction industry. Areas of expertise range from hands on construction, building science, energy efficient home design, ventilation and heating and legal. We are a team that is dedicated to training consumers and contractors – we have been doing this since the early 1980s and now wish to pass on our skills and expertise on to you.

As of July 4, 2016 in BC, all applicants to the BC Housing Licensing & Consumer Services (LCS) for an Owner Builder Authorization are required to meet all eligibility criteria and pass an exam to evaluate their knowledge and understanding of home building basics.

Course Modules

The course contains video lessons covering the following topics.
Plus a 412 page printed workbook and bonus video content

Module 01

Course Introduction

Module 02

Home Owner Protection Act

Module 03

What You Need To Know About Inspections

Module 04

Pre-Construction Preparation

Module 05

Getting To The Framing Stage

Module 06

Framing To Lockup

Module 07

Lockup To Interior Finish

Module 08

Lockup To Exterior Finish

Module 09

Final Inspection – Occupancy

Module 10

HPO Application Process

Course Manual

Includes A Complete 410 Page, Full Colour Course Manual Shipped ExpressPost Upon Course Enrollment.

**Bonus Content**

Modules 2 through 9 contain exclusive FAQ videos featuring Warren and Les answering an extensive selection of popular questions from our in-class students.

What Our Class Students Have to Say

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the training that you and Les have put together for the Owner Builder program in BC. In the current conditions, there was no in-person classroom sessions operating. I felt that the combination of the manual and the videos did a superb job of outlining all that is involved in building a house. I also felt that the material you have put together did an excellent job of preparing people for the actual house building process, with a side benefit of preparing them for the exam. I’ve taken training in the past that was strictly aimed at passing the exam, rather than comprehensive information. I appreciate that you have your priorities in the right place! I was not coming into this adventure cold, as I’ve been involved in construction for many years. I can happily say I learned a great deal from your program and highly recommend it. Note that I scored 90% on the exam, and would not have done that without the information and guidance you provided.
Richard B.
P.Eng | VP, Engineering
Thank you for a terrific job in passing along so much valuable information - far beyond the requirements for the Exam. I am in awe of your stamina. I never conducted a class that lasted more than 4 hours. And even though many of us grumbled at sitting for such long periods of time, (I guess we could have chosen to stand a while or move around and stretch) the pace was good and often lively when stories and experiences were shared. I have many decisions and choices to make, and this budget worksheet is a major factor.
Thanks so much for this invaluable course! It was well worth my time coming over from Edmonton to talk to 2 such experts in their fields. Aside from the cottage we are at the empty nesters stage i.e., what are my wife and I going to do with 6 bedrooms ?? At some point in the near future we will build a smaller place for us and your ideas and explanation of r2000 and beyond have given us great incentive to do a very energy efficient home. That budget sheet WOW ! Well done !
Just wanted to extend a quick thank you for the very helpful Owner Builder Authorization Exam Preparation course material you had mailed me a month ago. It was instrumental in helping me pass the exam (which I took here in Ontario in a proctored environment). Just as importantly, it provided me invaluable insights into the latest building and prudent contracting practices as well some very helpful resources such as sample contracts and project plan. This book is an extraordinarily useful guide, especially for someone (like me) who has been out of this field for an extended period of time. We are hoping to break ground on our new home in Vancouver this summer. We have most of our trades lined up.
Hi Warren / Les - I just wanted to thank you for your comprehensive instruction course. The manual coupled with the videos and the Q&A sessions made it easy to follow. I wrote the exam on Monday past at OUC in Kelowna, took me 20 minutes and was informed today passed with and 84 % mark. Now to start driving nails and getting my hands dirty. Many thanks for your help!
I just received an email telling me that my "Owner Builder Authorization has been approved" which is government-speak for "Congratulations you passed your OB exam!". Thanks Warren for a great class and terrific workbook which will become my go-to building-manual going forward. Best of luck to everyone else in the class with exam and projects.
I just wanted to reach out to say thank you. I wrote my exam last Wednesday at the Douglas College Surrey campus; results came in late Thursday – 87/100!! I still had 55 minutes on the clock when I submitted my exam.
Your study package was well put together with the video modules the perfect complement to the textbook. I went through both of them 3 times, and came out the other side with grade “A” results.
Just thought I would let you know that I took the exam and passed. 87%. Thank you so much. There was a lot of material to cover and I felt my knowledge base was well rounded to complete the rest. I was a little worried as I finished it in 30 minutes. But I did not go back and change my answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Owner Builder Exam Preparation Course covers all of the recommended topics the BC Housing Licensing and Consumer Services (LCS) department has listed on their website. In consideration of this, we are prepared to stand behind you in your efforts to be able to build your own home.


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